About Me

Bangladeshi-American born in Austin, Texas during the summer of '91, the youngest of four. Grew up in the Bay Area, California from a young age, only to move to what finally became and felt like home in Los Angeles after graduating. As a UC Berkeley alum with a B.A. in Media Studies and Communications with a professional background including styling and social media marketing expertise, it's only fitting that I chose blogging my personal style stories as my outlet for visual expression. I like to experiment with the latest trends while still relaying my own personal twist on things, usually resulting in a mix of classy-chic and edgy-streetMy ultimate wish for this blog is to motivate readers to confidently put together their own individual outfits, as well as to inspire them with ideas illustrated in my personal style stories. 

The name behind the blog itself ("La Petite Conteur" - the little storyteller) comes from both my favorite book (The Little Prince) as well as my overall appreciation for storytelling through styling outfits/fashion as a whole. Oddly enough, I preferred to go with the masculine conteur versus the feminine conteuse because it reminded me of 'couture' as well as 'contour' which are words that I associate with fashion. I also liked how it could symbolize that you don't have to follow all the rules when it comes to personalizing your style. Additionally I hoped it could represent the tougher "masculine" side of my personal style coming together with my softer "feminine" side (I apologize, French grammar police! But it was a purely artistic approach rather than an intended butchering, I promise).