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Monday, March 14, 2016

There have been different variations of the well-known saying, "don't just be eye candy, be soul food" floating around for ages. The general concept behind this is pretty straightforward, but still something that our hardened generation of millenials easily forgets to implement. We put so much effort into branding ourselves, making the right connections, networking for our personal goals, moving on from one relationship to the next... We often forget that the quality of even just one connection can be more fulfilling than having a quantity of faces and numbers in our contacts list. Relationships in turn become more and more lacking, empty and void of substance. Full of fake interactions or fake emotions; things we aren't even certain can hold the test of time.

As I've grown older, I've realized the importance of substantial connections. I've also realized the importance of my own time. Because of this I make certain not to waste precious moments on unfulfilling situations or relationships. In turn, I do my best to give my full self to others or to situations in which I involve myself in, rather than allowing things to remain at a superficial standstill. I'm not interested unless it's something that feeds my soul, gnaws at my brain or makes me blush. Something that gets my heart pumping: something real and worthwhile.

Generally speaking, the older you get, the more in tune you become with this mindset. This falls in step with everything, not just people. Substantial clothing is something noteworthy and significant as well. That's where ifchic comes to play with this little number in mind: one of the best online destinations for chic, sophisticated pieces at a great deal. With their #ifchic24 program which is essentially just a hide & seek involving virtual coins, they make finding the best price a fun game.

IfChic carries brands for the modern woman on the go. This leopard Nine Lives skort was a piece from C/MEO Collective which I'd had my beady little eyes on for quite some time. Unfortunately, my budget had other ideas in mind. That's where ifchic came into play: by logging on and window shopping almost daily, I was able to collect enough hidden virtual coins to pay only a fraction of the price of the skort, and I ended up purchasing it at such a low price that I almost felt like I was getting away with a crime.

Since the wind and rain seem to be making a temporary home in the bay area this spring as of late, I decided to pair the skort with a comfy hi-lo roll-neck sweater and my favorite patent, rain-resistant boots from Ego. I love how these boots can add a touch of class to any outfit, all while remaining sturdy and reliable through any weather. To keep the light, feminine vibes going, I added a touch of ruffle through my sock game.

Substance and soul can be found in even the most surprising of places. For example, I've been able to find such solstice within this oversized sweater I wear way too much from Forever 21. The problem with our generation is not necessarily that we lack substance. It's that we don't attempt to share or see any deeper than the hard outer shell of the eye candy that is given at face value. In turn, we take valuable personalities, relationships and situations for granted. My challenge to you all for the week is to really look deeper into someone or something you may have easily overlooked in the past. You might be pleasantly surprised at how fulfilling it truly can be, if only you allow yourself to really delve deeper below the surface, whether it be yours or another's... 'til next time, xx

Photographed by Elvis Dinh (@soulrebelsociety)

Oversized Turtleneck SweaterForever XXI
Cameo Collective Nine Lives Skort—IfChic
Demi Mid Calf High Ankle BootsEgo
Ruffle Trim Socks—Forever XXI

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