Monday, March 07, 2016

It's a new week, and yes, I actually do have a new post! Trying to go back to consistency again, as promised. I mentioned in my last update that emotional growth was a big part of my slight blogging hiatus. This came to mind again after the weekend I just had. But first, let me just touch on how excited I am to drop this fuego that I shot with the homie Elvis Dinh, with two brands you're already probably real familiar seeing on my person.

As most do, I also have a "uniform" of sorts that I tend to gravitate towards when putting my fits together, especially when going out anywhere. This consists of distressed black jeans, combat boots, and some sort of top—nothing too crazy. For a daytime look, I threw on this light outwear I received from SheIn, and one of my favorite hats from one of my favorite brands—Petals and Peacocks.

To be quite blunt, though I do love the design and style of the SheIn piece, I was a bit disappointed by the quality when I received the item. SheIn is a great place to find affordable, on-trend pieces, but the quality itself does tend to be a roulette of sorts. Regardless, I do find myself adding this light hooded outwear onto a lot of outfits for some added flare and layering.

Now spin the beat back a little bit to what I first brought up: emotional growth. I am a firm believer that any negative event that occurs in my life is simply a necessity—a test of strength, if you will. Nothing confirms this thought more than recent events. Being disrespected by someone you cared about enough to consider their emotions, to make them a part of your daily routine, is something anyone with even the smallest of hearts can relate to being somewhat pride-shattering. But to get more personal—because why the hell not?—it's something that my old self would've curled into a ball over. Not anymore.

Spending time to really reflect internally on my own self was something I really needed, as I've mentioned a number of times. The way I reacted to such disrespect this time around really showed me that it was a fruitful hiatus, and most definitely not an effortless attempt at growth. Instead of victimizing myself into an emotional wreck like I might've done in the past, I reflected back on my self-worth and knew that this lack of respect was not something I deserved. And not just that, but it was also not something that I should blame myself for. The best thing to do in any toxic situation where your own needs are not being met, is simply to walk away. No need to let the toxicity break you or your spirit: you are worth more. This ability to walk away gave me such a strong sense of reaffirmation; pride in my emotional growth. It really let me believe that the human heart & mind, is something that is truly limitless. You can do anything you put your mind to—as cliche as the saying is.

Don't ever be afraid to step outside of your comfort zone into something better. So many times I see people I care for allowing themselves to suffer just because they're too afraid to let go of toxic situations; too afraid of all the change, etc. Let me tell you right now—the real reason the chicken crossed the road is because life's better on this side. Come on over, we're waiting... xx

Photographed by Elvis Dinh (@soulrebelsociety)

Light Hooded Longline Bulldog CoatSheIn
Sriracha Make It Hot Distressed Cap—Petals & Peacocks
Rib Wrap Front Crop Top Nude—Missguided
Pants (DIY-distressed by me)—Nordstrom
Combat Boots—Tobi

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