Why the Caged Bird Sings

Monday, February 29, 2016

There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.

Weeks later, I am finally back from my blogging hiatus! Thank you to anyone who stood by during this mini-break and to anyone who cares to check back in on my humble little online home. It is forever appreciated. It's funny how foreign it feels to get back into the habits that come with blogging after even the shortest of breaks. I had almost forgotten the rush of adrenaline and the satisfying feeling of euphoria that it brought into mundane weekly routines.

For me, writing is one of the most significant factors building up to that final feeling of satisfaction when it comes to blogging. I feel most at ease when I am able to freely express myself. This is applicable in my writing, my fashion ensembles, my communication skills... even my personality, and much more. That need for freedom of expression is what drives me to continue putting myself out there in truly raw form, in hopes that it can not only help me communicate my own self, but also inspire others to do the same for themselves. I also hope it inspires a respect for us free expressionists, rather than a sense of judgement which many tend to automatically react with. This all comes back to the simple fact that at times it's easier to look down upon what we might not understand.

I think one big takeaway from my much-needed hiatus was that—as Mr. Bueller so eloquently phrases it—life doesn't stop for anyone. Getting back into one of my grooves helped motivate me into continuing my satisfaction streak. Though I do think the time away helped me heal and grow emotionally as an individual, I now know that keeping myself afloat with as many soul-sustaining personal projects as possible is the real key to maintaining my well-being.

I actually shot this look with one of my favorite photographers right after attending one of the first blogger events I've been to in a while. My hiatus on styling & writing definitely extended to the networking side of things as well, but this shoot, the brunch, and all this moving forward are a sign of what's to come from here on out. The theme of the brunch was pastel, and I did my best with what my dark-toned wardrobe had to offer. I ended up going with a powder blue loose tank, grey pencil midi skirt, and my pastel pink Fenty Creepers by Rihanna x Puma. I layered the look with a caged bralette and my staple UNIF cropped leather moto. Mixing girly pieces with edgier, tomboyish ones has always been a signature of mine.

Only through the ability to comfortably be and express ourselves will we truly be able to evolve and grow. At the end of the day, it's most important to be content with yourself and staying true to you & your well-being rather than fruitlessly looking to find acceptance from any close-minded or skewed perspectives. I have a lot more in store that I can't wait to share in regards to actual styling/shoot concepts, creative endeavors, and more. So be sure to not only keep an eye on the blog, but follow me to stay up to date... xx

Photographed by Melissa de Mata Photo (@melissademata)

Reflective Cat-Eye Sunglasses—Sunnies Studio
Caged Bralette—Brandy Melville USA
Pastel Powder Blue Cami Tank—Forever XXI
Black Staple Leather Moto Jacket—UNIF Clothing
Charcoal Grey Pencil Midi Skirt—H&M
Pastel Pink/Green/Oatmeal Creepers—Fenty x Puma

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