Race to the Finish * ft. SheIn & Mezi

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Ah - the old blogosphere, it's been a minute. I apologize for being MIA but as forewarned in my last post, life has kept me focused and prioritized elsewhere for a bit. But now that the chains have loosened a bit, I wanted to drop at least one more post before the year was over. Especially considering that since I took my hiatus, we've quickly transitioned into fall/winter and the layers of style have had to transform right along with it.

Speaking of transitions, 2015 did not fall short—it was definitely a year that taught me that time is fleeting: nothing is ever set in stone, so always be sure that nothing is taken for granted. This past year was when I finally somewhat transitioned back into really living in the Bay Area again and felt I finally had a strong hold on my life and the directions its many different pathways (i.e. career, family, etc) were headed. It was also the same year that I felt uprooted from that same comfort. It taught me a lot of things, and I'm still continuing to learn as I forge ahead. One relevant thing it did also imprinted within me is to always nourish my creative side as well as that it's okay—and sometimes even necessary—to be a little selfish and cater to yourself sometimes. It's easy to lose ourselves within relationships, careers, or hobbies - this is when it's significant to maintain that connection to yourself and who you are as an individual.

A lot of who I am has always had to do with expressing my mood, my creative concepts or myself through fashion and personal style. It continues to evolve as I change and grow as a person. This time last year I was just getting used to having any sort of fall weather again, after having moved back from LA. This year, the Bay's version of fall has definitely become more in tune with a more typical, colder vision of the season. It's been an exciting challenge to dress for the weather as of late, so I was definitely looking forward to dropping this look featuring some favorite brands old&new and shot by one of my fave lil cats, Melissa.

This moto-cut jacket from SheIn has easily become a favorite fall piece of mine. The rust color screams of falling leaves wile the suede material and satin inner lining maintains the perfect balance between rugged and dainty. It was difficult to choose just one piece to style from SheIn, since they have such great on-trend pieces at such an affordable price.

Since I naturally am on the petite/slim side, layers are a must for me when it comes to even the slightest hint of cold weather. So underneath I decided to wear my white mock-neck ribbed turtleneck from Missguided. I had actually had my eye on a similar turtleneck from another brand, but it quickly sold out during their winter sales. Since I couldn't stop thinking about it and the various ways I could style it, I decided to continue my hunt for the perfect turtleneck. This is where the app Mezi comes into play! 

Mezi is a great app, comparable to GoButler or Operator in functionality but definitely many grades above in terms of customer service and care. The Mezis go above and beyond to find the best deals and styles in what you're looking for, and all within an efficient time frame as well. I sent them a screenshot of the turtleneck I had scoped out previously, and within less than a half hour they came back with a plethora of similar styles at great prices. That's when I decided on the Missguided sweater, and since I was invited by a fellow user I also got $15 off my first purchase! They currently don't ask for any additional service fee so now is the time to download the app. Just text them 'LAPETITECONTEUR' once you've downloaded and installed the Mezi app from the Apple Store to get $15 off your first purchase as well. 

Underneath the turtleneck I decided to have just one more layer on, a sheer mesh long-sleeved black top. I liked that it peeked out only when I raised my arms just enough, and still was barely there enough to add some heat to both my body & 'fit.

Though I'm very much a "no pants are the best pants" kinda girl, cold weather calls for a different kind of comfort. I chose to pair this look with my favorite Jamie cropped moto denim with ripped knees and a perfect ankle fit. I tucked in a pair of my favorite mesh striped socks from Echo Clubhouse into them and topped it all off with a pair of chunky combat boots

2015 has definitely been one of the longest, craziest roller-coasters I've been on. A lot of moving three steps forward just to be set backward all over again. But I'm not going to let a few setbacks keep me down, and neither should you. 2015 has been a year of continuous self-discovery and growth... and regardless of any downturns, a year to remember for sure. Here's to 2016 - let's make it our bitch. 'Til next year... xx

Photographed by Melissa Catahan (@misacat_)

Suede JacketSheIn
Sheer Top, BootsTobi
Socks—Echo Clubhouse
+ Download Mezi for $15 off!

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