The Transitional Moment

Monday, October 26, 2015

Jackson Pollock's first large-scale painting, Mural, has been discussed in a number of literature as well as a film remake. It is also arguably the piece that can be held primarily responsible for his legendary status. The painting defined a transitional moment in his life, a defining moment. "No limits, just edges."

Pollock helped define the genre of abstract expressionism and he played a significant role in how New York City achieved its status as the art capital of the world. One trait the acclaimed painter and I have in common was an attitude of defiance, an inability to accept failure or defeat or accept things as they are rather than how they could or should be... coulda, shoulda, woulda.

I've been dealing with a lot of changes and upheaval in my life lately. Struggles I've decided to view as tests of strength; moments of transition rather than anything worse or uncontrollable. Though at first my stubborn defiance viewed all these changes as shattering moments of free-fall, time and perseverance has helped show me that just because I've reached some endings, doesn't mean it is the end. Some chapters come to a close so that new ones, more comfortable ones can begin. Or even the uncomfortable chapters ahead, since we all know those can at times prove to be the more exciting ones.

You can't always be certain where the seemingly never-ending roller-coaster ride of life is taking you. But you also can't let all the bumps and free-falls scare you from taking the trip. Sometimes the moments of free-fall are where we tend to find deeper parts of ourselves; where we truly learn to grow and build a stronger inner core and sense of self. Sometimes they can prove to be defining moments, temporary moments of uncertainty leading to something new and necessary. So take the leap, and have faith. What's meant to happen is going to take place, the best you can do is stay positive and learn from the ride.

This set is from the transitional phase of my hair in between pink and back to now brunette. I thought it as well as the transitional/seasonal mood of the outfit were fitting to the more personal story shared with the look. Further details on the fit can be found below as always! And please bare with me as I navigate through all these changes as it'll definitely mean a slow-down on the blog. Til next time! xx

Photographed by Eric Williams (@itsnevereezy)

Olive Side-Slit Mock Neck Sleeveless SweaterForever XXI
Navy Fluted Skater SkirtForever XXI
Flip-Up Retro SunniesForever XXI
OTK SocksMissguided
Platform Cobra Ankle Combat BootsTobi
Raina Chain Necklace—Nasty Gal

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