Gone Tomorrow

Monday, October 12, 2015

Carpe Diem. It's a well-known phrase meaning to seize the day. However it's one that's also often neglected in terms of execution.

This phrase is one that is applicable across the board — another little something we all forget about. This includes being applied to significant matters such as trust. Trust is a necessary pillar of any form of relationship, be it friendship, family, or more. However, in this generation and with the ease of blaming our past, it's one that we often forget to seize, or take true advantage of.

It's important to allow ourselves to trust realities we are experiencing as they are, to take advantage of what lucky hand you've been drawn recently. It is only a part of human nature to question things once they are out of your comfort level, whether that be the fact that they seem too good to be true or otherwise. Sometimes it's worth letting go of our armor, taking down our walls, and seizing the moments and experiences as they are thrown our way. You never know—in a slight hand, it may all be gone in an instant.

Unplug yourself from all the negative thoughts running around in your head and make some time to seize the moment + live a little. Thanks for making the time to click through to my humble abode, I apologize for any weird quirks on the new layout as I'm still attempting to get it perfected to my liking, hehe. 'Til next time! xx

Photographed by 
Melissa de Mata (@melissademata)

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