Pony Up

Monday, August 17, 2015

Pay it forward: the expression used to describe the beneficiary of a good deed repaying it to others instead of back to the original benefactor.

In this day and age where 'likes' and 'social engagement' is a factor of concern even when it comes to jobs at times, it's easy to get caught up in ourselves and lose sight of the bigger picture. One thing I love about having had the opportunity to stay in SF for the past month or so (shouts-out to my sister for making my work commute much easier) is that I got to feel connected with more people on a daily basis. It's always busy in SF and there's so much energy to pick up on. Best of all was being able to observe acts of kindness and all the good karma that easily came with it.

Over the weekend, my friend and I (the camerawoman behind all my work OOTDs on insta haha) were perusing through the 'Pay It Forward' book in the downtown SF UO. She decided to do one of the noted tasks then and there, and in turn it inspired me with an idea to touch upon for this week's post. You don't always have to take the term ponying up entirely as is — sometimes it can entail something as simple as helping a stranger. Random acts of kindness.

With all the traps that surround us into becoming a selfish generation, it's also easy to open your eyes and really notice all the reasons why we should and easily can all be the ones to instead create a kinder one. One simple act of kindness can inspire someone to do the same, and the chain reaction could possibly spark something out of our imagination's usual confined box. I don't know about you, but for me personally, keeping this thought in mind makes the act that much easier to follow through with.

Just as I've grown to love San Francisco, I'm learning to appreciate all things around me big or small every day. To really take advantage of the moment I'm in at the present time and slow down for a little bit. Everyday I'm learning something I might've thought I already knew by finally seeing it clearly through fresh eyes. Paying it forward and the true practice of good karma being one of these things.

This look was shot near the Bay Bridge with one of my favorite people ever, Melissa de Mata (go wish her a belated happy birthday!) right down by the docks. The pleated Zara top was definitely something a bit different for me, a find at Crossroads Trading Co. The asymmetrical hem and accordion-like pleats stood out to me immediately and I couldn't help but take on the challenge of styling something so out of my usual element. I decided to pair it tucked into my mineral acid wash cut-offs and my favorite accessory of my suspenders hangin' loose. My favorite lash zeroUV sunnies helped top it all off with the appropriate amount of sass.

This week I challenge you all to pony up and pay it forward. As the saying goes, everyone you come across is fighting a battle you're unaware of. Always remember this and to remain kind. Thank you for any and all support you've given me—it's definitely a humbling act of kindness that will never be forgotten. Also I apologize for my lack of post last Monday, but Outside Lands took a lot out of me! I promise to keep on with the consistency from here on. xx

Photographed by Melissa de Mata (@melissademata)

Tori's Secret Lace Bralette—Tobi
Pleated Asymmetrical Tank—Zara via Crossroads
Matte Clear Eyelash Sunnies—ZeroUV
Mineral Acid Wash Cutoff Shorts—H&M
Black Patent Boots—Missguided

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