In Good Company

Monday, August 31, 2015

It's a well known ideology that you are the company you keep. A sum of the people that surround you the most. You can see this in the smallest of habits rubbing off from person to person; the sprinkling of mannerisms that can be spotted in the most fleeting of moments.

Now think about this ideology in regards to your outfit. The sum of your outfit should be equal to its company. All of the parts, each component that goes into your fit should be able to make sense together; vibe together. The same can be said of the brands or companies a blogger decides to work with: they should reflect a realistic image of their true style.

This past weekend I attended the SFSFWI Green Glam fashion show with 4/5 of my blogger squad. The company alone made the event worth the trek... "the type of friends to parkin' lot pimp with you if you can't/don't wanna go inside da club." ;p

As you can probably tell by both my blog and my Instagram outfit posts, I'm still really into the suspenders as an added flair to any fitting look. I chose to incorporate a few notable pieces into this look, including the tote, top, and sunnies.

The pullover is from Dead Legacy, a site with a lot of fun and quirky prints and sayings on their products. I love the little logo detail on the sleeve and the versatility that comes with the simple black back text. I decided to pair them with my ivory knit sweatershorts from Urban Outfitters accessorized subtly with a silver body chain and thigh high pullover socks. To carry all my blogger necessities throughout the shoot, I opted for my customized QTee Tote Bag which consists of all the color phases my hair has been through. The reflective mirror sunnies were generously gifted to me at a recent event for JINS Eyewear in SF, and they've rarely left my face since I've gotten them.

Cheers to making many more memories in good company. Sometimes I question this path that I've decided to pursue and the insistent writer's block that tends to come with it. But once I push through and within the times that positive feedback is provided, it really helps to put the bigger picture back into perspective. So thank you for helping me push through. Til next time! xx

Photographed by Melissa de Mata (@melissademata)

Jacobs 22 Pullover—Dead Legacy
Body Chain—Tobi
Round Reflective Sunnies—JINS Eyewear
Knit Sweater-shorts—Urban Outfitters
Malibu Customized Tote Bag—QTee
Thigh Highs, Cut-out Ankle Boots—Missguided

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