Gray Area

Monday, August 03, 2015

"Taint my mind but not my soul; tell you I got fire—I won't sell it for no payroll."
This casual yet statement-making co-ord became an easy favorite in my closet as soon as I first threw it on. The sporty fit and two-timing ability of the set along with the slight mesh detailing drew me in quicker than a tied championship game. For someone whose closet screams extremes of either all-black or bold pops of color, the grey was a welcome change into my usual palette.

I wore this on a warm day out in my favorite city which still resonates as home to me, LA. Since then I've been able to wear it a versatile number of ways. Here I decided to pair it with my white chucks and some ruffled mesh socks, so as not to take too much away from the set itself. I loved that the placement of the mesh detail on the set itself spoke volumes and made a statement, all while keeping the set quite subtle overall.

I'm not too curvy as y'all probably know by now, but as a petite person I still felt a bit overexposed at times in this fit. On a daily basis running errands, I threw on a midi cardigan to balance out the hints of flesh. Down in Los Angeles, however, I felt comfortable wearing it as is for the most part.  

Keeping a balancing act between all the elements in your outfit is always something to stay aware of. I'm constantly challenging myself to evolve both my style and myself, all while still maintaining the same core that makes me, me. I try my best to help better illustrate the constant evolution I'm going through within the outfit stories that I share with you all. Thanks for following along, and be sure to check back in next week! Oh! And if you're at Outside Lands this weekend, say hi if you see me! xx

Photographed by 
Janelle Castillo (@janxcast) |

Fabulously Fit Sport Set—Tobi
High-Top Chucks—Converse

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