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Monday, August 24, 2015

"It's not my job to modify myself to be likable, but to be all that I care to be, & connect with people who resonate with that."

Working on the other side of the fashion blogger world is especially interesting as a style blogger. You put on these brand-focused goggles during your weekday 9-5 which can in turn at times be hard to take off when returning to your own regularly scheduled life as a blogger. I'll admit that as much as I am a strong proponent of judgment-free zones, I've definitely had instances where I've forgotten to take off my work goggles when it comes to showing support to my own community. However I always try to take a step back and remind myself that this isn't work, and it's important to remember that as hard as it is to put your own self out there, it's just as difficult for others. We're all in this together.

Life is more incredible when you live without judgments. I truly believe that personal evolution will become easier to attain when you look to uplift, rather than judge, those around you. A little open-mindedness and understanding goes a long way.

Subtract yourself from any sort of clique mentality and open yourself up to new people and experiences. The possibilities are endless and completely in your hands.

Cycling back to work, this look was shot and edited by my favorite little kitty just in time for the release of Tobi's newest lookbook, Adult School. We ventured out to what is now my favorite area to shoot due to its seclusion and proximity to the popcorn-making factory & Philz Coffee HQ, haha.

Oh, the perks and downfalls of working for a fashion company. The ease at which I can see the upcoming products is extremely dangerous for someone such as myself. I spotted this top as soon as it was ready to go up on site and immediately fell into a deep lust. The modest front-back combined with the edgier, exposed sides helped inspire a look that would fall in line with our latest lookbook at Tobi, Adult School.

I paired the top with my jade green suedette fringe skort and some thigh highs for a little twist on the classic schoolgirl aesthetic. To finish things off and keep styling with class in mind I topped things off with my patent fringed oxfords. I loved all the texture-play going on in this fit; statement-making without being a tad too overwhelming.

Challenge of the week for both you and I alike: don't get caught up in seeing things one way. As I always like to say, an open mind is key to a better view. Thanks for checking back in and be sure to check out our newest lookbook! Catch y'all with a new look next week. xx

Photographed by Melissa Catahan (@misacat_)

Reading Your Thoughts Top—Tobi
Classic Wayfarer Sunnies—zeroUV
Liquid Suede Cream Lipstick—NYX
Jade Green Fringe Skort—Missguided
Thigh-highs, backpack, loafers—Missguided

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