Monday, July 06, 2015

Following your passion: a topic that is almost always on repeat. Of course we all know the struggles that come along with it—backlash, doubt/feelings of defeat, and a whole list of all that nonsense. But we can't let that stop us from pursuing a life filled with nothing but epic passion.

About a year ago (or in a month, exactly a year ago) to the day, I packed up all of my belongings on a whim as soon as I was offered a step into my ideal career path. I drove North to join the team, only to start a fashion-filled journey better than my imagination could've ever sought out. Though my journey since then has definitely had its fair share of hardships, I wouldn't have followed my dream down any other road than the one I've been on.

As you all probably caught on by now, I still consider Los Angeles to be home since that's where my heart truly lies. But moving back to NorCal has opened up so many doors that there's literally no room for regrets. From blossoming friendships to restarting my blog in full force, I've immersed myself in every single opportunity and taken advantage of whatever has revealed itself to me on my journey.

Of everything in this lengthy list of opportunities, full-time blogging has to be my favorite pursuit that I've taken on since following this inspiring path. Not only does it challenge and teach me new things everyday, but it's given me the chance to network and create with a plethora of high-caliber folks and brands. Two of these noteworthy brands include Zaful and ZeroUV, both of which inspired me to create this street-chic look with a hint of a little boho betty.

Though I'm not usually one to be immediately attracted to boho pieces, this kick-ass crochet top from Zaful was crying out to me in a way that I just couldn't deny. I loved the delicacy of the knit crop as well as the powerful pattern play up top, and I couldn't live another day without it! I decided to put a bit of a streetstyle twist when putting together this look to make it a little more casual and a lot more me. I knew I wanted to work in this amazing 'Epic' snapback from the ZeroUV x Epic BMX collection, and to keep the look light and airy for summer I went with my favorite pair of distressed light wash jeans. Since the crop top was a little high-cut for even my comfort, I added on a simple and breezy striped cardigan both for cover and pattern-play.

I'd definitely rock this look for a casual everyday sort of thing. I topped it off with one of my favorite pairs of sunnies, also from zeroUV, as well as my favorite patent platform boots and lifesaver of a leather backpack from Missguided. The boots and backpack have pretty much become necessary staples in my wardrobe as of late, especially what with my daily routine consisting of a whole lot of commuting. Comfort and cautious over-prep have now become specialties of mine.

When your true path reveals itself to you, don't be afraid to fully immerse yourself and take charge of the road you're headed towards. Thanks for walking along this exciting journey with me and continuing to check back for new posts! As always, be sure to click back on next week for more.

Photographed by Melissa de Mata (@melissademata)

Crochet Crop Top—Zaful
Epic BMX Snapback—ZeroUV
Retro Reflective Sunnies—ZeroUV
Striped Cardigan—Forever XXI
Distressed Denim—American Eagle
Backpack, Boots—Missguided

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