Bad Girls Go Everywhere

Monday, July 13, 2015

What is a "bad girl" these days anyway? The term can be misinterpreted so easily, with the infinite number of definitions floating around out there. From girls that don't fit your idea of a "well-behaved female", to people that don't fit into your little box of how a girl should carry themselves, to those good-old fashioned rulebreakers—whether that be in school, ideology, fashion, or something else. But as always, Hellz Bellz defines them best. Good girls go to heaven... bad girls go everywhere.

Recently I've been balancing a lot on my plate in terms of work, family, and whatnot. A lot of hardships that have been hurdled my way, but looking back at how old me would've handled things, I can definitely say I'm at peace with how things are unfolding this time around. Anyway, going back to my very-full plate. Or should I call it a platter at this point, a big portion of that platter being filled with "whatnot."

A lot of miscellaneous things going down in whatnot. This includes the fact that I've been talked down upon regarding things that make me "me" in more occasions than one in just the past few days alone. It's pretty sad that people are still being judged based off of silly little things like appearances. Tattoos, piercings, nor the hair are pointers of what one might call "bad behavior." They also aren't sure signs or confirmation of any sort of discomforting character qualities. The very well-known and overly practiced "don't judge a book by its cover" comes to mind.

I appreciate having my blog for reasons such as this. It's a place where I can easily let myself be heard through both style and writing. A place where I can prove that my cover does not necessarily clearly translate the true depth and quality of the story within. Where I can be free to shed the burdens of some of the whispers and stares I have felt pressuring me to quiet my voice. Or at times even my being.

Though this fit was shot a month or two ago back in LA, the timing to release it today coincided perfectly with the drop of Tobi's newest lookbook we've been working on.  For those of you who keep sticking around for every next chapter, I genuinely thank you for wanting to read deeper into what I have to offer and for delving below the surface. And just as a fun little twist to add some perspective into your lives, I implore you all to look deeper into someone whose cover you might have judged a bit too swiftly in the past. You really never know what treasure you might find with all judgments and biases aside. xx

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Stars & Hlz Pullover Crop Hoodie—Hellz Bellz
Thermal Riding Pants—American Apparel
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