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Monday, June 15, 2015

The one thing that is consistent throughout all of our lives is the fact that change is inevitable. We are all conditioned to realize this inevitability and to brace ourselves as it comes. This doesn't mean that we're ready for it. We carry on, all moving steadily at our own paces.

Sometimes we are all for the change, more than ready to embrace it. When life feels stagnant, we patiently await its arrival. Other times we are tense with uncertainty, not ready to wade through the pool of blackness ahead.

It's easy to fight change. What we all know is that it's harder to go with it. This is especially true of the times it sneaks up on you, shakes up your core. 

In exactly a week, I will be one year older. Many things have already changed recently in my life, regardless of this day approaching. And I'm certainly not one to really get excited over birthdays, other than the idea of them. I've always been in love with the idea of things.

In less than a month, I've gone from having the freedom of my car and the many road trips that came along to being a regular Caltrain Commuter. Though I miss Lindsay (*my late corolla) and the comfortable second-home feeling she gave me, I do love the opportunities that are presented in a life filled with public transportation.

Commuting brings the exciting challenge to get better reacquainted with the city in which I grew up in, and which I'm currently biding my time in. Counting down the days 'til there is more change, 'til I'm back home in Los Angeles. During my trips on public transportation, I look forward to the chance to look up a little more and notice all the faces around me.

I could choose to sulk about my lack of freedom now that driving is not really an option. But that would be a waste of time. Instead I embrace the change and choose to take advantage of the positive. 

It's easy to get stuck in a rut when the inevitable slaps you in the face. What's harder is to pick yourself up, learn to deal with it, and grow. Take every single occurrence in your life as some sort of lesson. All of these small puzzle pieces which will of course fit into a much larger picture. Each piece something of significance, something to soak in and move on from.

Whenever the negativity creeps in, control your thoughts and make sure they f*ck off. It's all about perspective, and an open mind is key to a better view. Cheers to another chapter approaching.  Make sure to click on to the blog next week for a Kobe year special. It's gonna be legen-(wait for it...)-dary!

* Photographed by Melissa Catahan (@misacat_ / tumblr)

Lengendary Crop Bralette—Tobi
Denim Cutoffs—H&M

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