Summer Love: Tie Dye Twins | feat. Luxe and Linen

Monday, May 25, 2015

Greetings and salutations, Earthlings around the world! As I happily type this post from the corners of Los Angeles (aka home sweet home), the encroaching season is peeking out behind the clouds, checking if it's safe to come out yet. That's where Eda Semana of Luxe and Linen and I come in! We teamed up with Ryan Chua to bring you a 3-part lookbook to get everyone hyped for summer... which hopefully includes the currently apprehensive sun. Our first look helps bring in that carefree summer vibe with a whole lot of sass and a touch of tie dye.

When Eda and I first met we clicked instantly and easily. Like many others in what is now the new normal, we actually met off of Instagram since we both dug each others style and soon found out that we lived within mere miles of each other with quite a few connections in common already. And of course with that knowledge on deck, what true blogger babes would we be if we didn't meet up for brunch?! We spent a respectable twenty minutes taking photos of our food followed by a decent couple hours catching up on each others' latest dish.

I've said it time and time again, but this collaboration is just further proof of the positive side effects of pursuing a creativity-based lifestyle. Not only do you get a chance to mingle with inspirational people, but if you're lucky it can also result in something as wondrous as this. We had a lot of fun shooting this lookbook in SF and I love that we were able to team up and empower each other throughout this entire process. Whenever we get together it's nothing but laughter and weirdness, which to me is the sum of a pretty near-perfect pair (or should I say SQUAD).

Since you can't do summer without sunnies, we had to bring in the shade with ZeroUV. We tried to get as close to twinning as we could while still relaying our own personal vibes, so we both went with our most bug-eyed pair for this look to finish off that edgy boho vibe.

I kept my longer layers out of the way with a half-bun to better soak in the rays while Eda kept the sun at bay by throwing on a cute hat. Our initial idea was to do florals instead of tie dye, until we both realized we really aren't the flowery type of females. The funky feel that tie-dye brought to the table was much more enticing to the both of us, and I was more than pleased by the end result of this particular look. Though there are some clear similarities that helped tie it all together, we both stayed extremely true to our own senses of style. And thanks to Tobi we were tie-dye from the toe-up!

I opted for a crop top version of Eda's shift dress because I love the versatility it brings. The possibilities are endless when it comes to a crop top. You can use these babies to layer on, dress up or down, or whatever else your inspiration might bring to mind. And of course nothing screams summer louder than denim cutoffs, especially since everything else I attempted to pair the top with looked a bit too girly or overdressed for my taste. But as someone who loves to have at least one questionable-slash-unique element to every fit when possible, it still felt like something was missing. That's where my suspenders came in to save the day, seamlessly tying in the black sunnies and peep-toe platforms all while adding some much needed seasoning to the look.

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Thanks for stopping by and helping us coax out the sun! Be sure to read up on Eda's post on her blog as well if you haven't had a chance to yet, and check back soon for the next installments of our Summer Love Lookbook.

Photographed by
Ryan by Ryan Chua (@ryanbyryanchua)

Eda's Peace and Love Dress—Tobi
Eda's Oversized Round Sunnies—Zero UV
Eda's Platform Boots—Kendall+Kylie, Steve Madden
Saved By The Bell Crop Top—Tobi
Oversized Half-tint Sunnies—Zero UV
Blue Denim Cutoffs—H&M
Peep-Toe Platforms—Forever XXI

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