Fail / Fly

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Whether you fail or fly, well sh!t, at least you tried...

Our girl Lana had it down: blue jeans, white shirt. The simplest solution to the bittersweet seductress that is Summer. But when Cali does Summer, we really bring the heat. That's why I've opted for a bit of a shortcut, if you will.

This white Lovers+Friends crop top was the perfect and easiest thing to pair with my beautiful blue cutoffs to really celebrate Summer in all her glory. I was immediately drawn to the dainty threaded "dancing queen" detail with its cute little crown on top and at once ceased to have eyes for any crop but this top.

I've actually had this shirt for some time now and I wore it in during my days in LA (speaking of where I feel most home, see you soon ! ). But it's still just as comfy and perfect as the first time I laid eyes on it! I plan to pair it a number of ways for many summers to come.

I was actually planning on calling in a personal day and skipping out on posting this Wednesday, if you can believe it. I had quite a bit of turn of events take place in my life very recently and it's just completely worn me out. But having a talk with my dad (who is also my best friend) gave me the motivation I needed, as he reminded me of the need to always remain positive throughout any situation. And that means utilizing your positive outlet as well, whether it be a creative one or whatever else resonates with you.

You are the master of your Universe, the provider of your own vibes. Use your powers wisely.

Photographed by Melissa Catahan (@misacat_ / tumblr)

Crop Top—Lovers+Friends via Nasty Gal
Baby Blue Denim Cutoff Shorts—H&M
Tao Braided Thong Sandals—Tobi

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