California Love

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

California is almost always in a mood and she's making sure we know what's up through her continuous tug-of-war between hot and cold weather, making dressing appropriately for the seasons almost impossible. That's why when it comes to staying in style without going against Mother Nature, we have our own rules here.

Some days the heat will be so unbearable that even a muscle tank seems like too many layers. Other days, no amount of thick knits will protect us against the merciless wind. Luckily, we've slowly been shifting into warmer weather for the most part, and Summer's been sure to peek in and make a quick appearance quite a few times.

One of my favorite looks that you'll probably catch me rocking in a variety of ways will be these comfy striped shorteralls. I fell in love with them at first sight and I knew I couldn't part ways with the overalls as I thought up infinite outfits to rock based around them. One of them being this "summer, are you here yet?!" look I've decided to share today. Since San Francisco is always a bit chillier than the rest of NorCal, I personally need to make sure that my upper body stays warm in order to survive against the tireless cold front. Hence, the comfy long-sleeve from Brandy with its cheeky "California: We Grew Here, You Flew Here" detail comes into play.

California is a melting pot of both culture and style. From NorCal all the way down to every corner and curve of Southern California, you'll easily be able to pinpoint the origin of each fashionista's muse as they pass you by on the sidewalk. Though I grew up in Northern California, it was pretty amusing that my coworkers quickly connected my personal style to that of an LA vibe, both before and after my move down South. I guess I like to take inspiration from wherever I am regardless. I am pretty much the combined effort of every experience I've ever come across. A melting pot within the melting pot, if you will.

As you can see, I fell in love with the Perry Street necklace from my first Rocksbox set so much that I couldn't part ways with it as noted. I love how versatile the piece is and how it truly adds a finishing touch to any look I top it off with. Also, just a heads up I've added shark blue to my hair as you may have seen on my IG... there may be like five or more colors going on right now, I don't really know haha but I dig it regardless!

Going back to these shotertalls though (because they are love), one way I'm v. excited to pair them with during my work/play trip to LA starting next MD weekend with is my lacey white crop top from Tobi and maybe a dainy or statement bralette! I made sure to let the shirt's detail peekaboo - out from the shorteralls and hitched them to my side here, but I may need to play on cas-chic and go both sides up with the lace. The possibilities are endless! That's what I love about this piece.

Thank you for following along on my adventures! I appreciate you dearly. Be sure to catch my Insta-#ootd's and keep an eye out for a new post every Wednesday. :-) Peace out & positive vibes to all! xx

Photographed by 
Melissa de Mata (@melissademata)

Striped Shorteralls—Forever XXI
Hat, Sunnies—Forever XXI
California Baseball Tee—Brandy Melville USA
Cap-Toe Slice/Cut Boots—Jeffrey Campbell, Nasty Gal

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