Joie De Vivre

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

If you know me, you know I love all things graphic. That's why I was stoked on the opportunity to customize my own QTee Shirt to my liking. I can honestly tell you it took me quite some time to decide on a shirt... but I was drawn to this particular one especially due to its simple design. I believe the more popular terminology is joie de vivre but I liked that it was possibly a mix-up since my own blog's name is slightly incorrect (just the last word is in improper gender but the artistic approach is further explained in my 'about me'). I also loved the little details the design had to offer, and I decided to customize it based off of all of the colors of my ever-evolving hair.

There were so many different styles and combinations to choose from on this site that I really had to put a good amount of thought into it. I finally decided on a versatile muscle cut tank and I loved the packaging and cute little details at once. I loved how the deep side cut was both unexpected at first glance and deep enough to show off any cute bralette or layering details.

At first I paired the top with a pair of light denim cutoffs, but I knew that was the most obvious choice. Not to say that I wouldn't wear it that way, because it is one of the comfiest outfits ever to still remain a cute look,  but I wanted to have a little fun with it. I chose my pleated cobalt Talula skirt from Aritzia to add some more pop of color to the look, and settled on my comfortable American Apparel lace-ups. Since I recently conquered the art of the half-bunhead, I decided to use that to play up on the colors of my hair and the qtee.

I shot this look (along with a few others) with Melissa Catahan who, as it turns out, is my close-by neighbor! She has a really unique style and always mixes things up after in post when it comes to editing. I could literally spend hours and hours looking through her artwork without realizing it (pretty sure I probably did when my coworker first connected us!). It's so different and has a signature feel to it where you can immediately tell it's some sort of magic that she had a hand in.

As I mentioned earlier, I specifically chose subtle light purple and pink shades to match the tones of my hair. I love how it turned out against the black qtee and I can see myself wearing this a number of ways. And when I say that my hair is still evolving, it's no joke. If you follow me on Instagram, you know that it started out with my own dark brown/black roots, into a deep purple, into a fuchsia and hot pink, into a lighter Barbie pink. Since I am most especially careful when it comes to letting someone handle my hair and I actually got it done back home in LA (yes, still consider LA home—and happy to announce I'll be moving back soon) on a monthly visit, I have to maintain it on my own.

Since I've gotten a few questions about how I maintain my hair, it's usually a bi-weekly thing, depending on how fast it fades (also dependent on how many hot hair tools used throughout the days). I usually use one part manic panic in hot hot pink and two or three parts of Ion's deep cleansing conditioner, and leave the mixture on for 15-25 minutes depending on how deep I want the color to be after using a color-locking shampoo. The purple, luckily, lived on its own through many washes without any maintenance but it sadly has faded into a fuchsia for the most part at this time so I'll have to figure out which color I want to use to bring that back.

At the time of this shoot I had decided to play around with a new shade and went for Ion's brilliance color in rose which is a vibrant pastel pink, and left that on my dry hair for about 20-30 minutes. I added some of the hot hot pink in the middle in an attempt to achieve the ombre I originally had from my hairstylist but I was impatient and tired of being on time-out (doesn't getting your hair done feel like that sometimes?!) so I washed it out too early for anything to really stick too much. I was kinda pleased with the result though. At this time I have some more hot hot pink sporadically mixed in with Ion brilliance rose, which I did a couple days ago and absolutely love.

One thing I love about this QTee's little phrase conundrum and my own intended little mix-up with my blog title's phrasing, is that it's a nice little way of reminding us that sometimes mistakes and flaws are fun. One thing I've come to realize throughout my own path is that even when mistakes are made or things that seem bad take place, they're always followed by a higher purpose or life lesson which proves that everything's a necessary part of the process. And a significant part of that process includes keeping an open mind to all of these flaws or negative events which can really be the key to remaining a more understanding and enlightened individual.

As always thanks for checking back in with me and hope you all click back on next week! xx

Photographed by
Melissa Catahan (@misacat_)

Joie De La Vie Muscle Tank—QTee
Cobalt Talula Skirt—Aritzia
Tori's Secret Lace Bralette—Tobi
Lace-Up Oxfords—American Apparel

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