The Knitty Gritty

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

For those unfair-weather days when you have a million things to do, yet you still want to comfortably strut your stuff, what do you usually gravitate towards in your closet? Comfy knits are normally my go-to, and mixing patterns and textures always keeps things interesting. One of my key pieces I use to establish that look is my favorite crop sweater from Tobi.

Though my heart still remains deep in LA, I currently reside in South SF where I swear Karl the Fog must have his primary estate, because it is almost always dull and cold out. Because of this, layers have become my new best friend. I love the On The Go Crop Sweater because it can be dressed up or down and in this case I decided to dress it down with the So Hood Tunic Top from Tobi layered on top for added warmth and comfort.

It's always fun to push some boundaries to see what you can get away with and this is especially true for fashion. After mixing some knits and a light wash jegging, I decided to add my little black suede booties with some gold detailing and just a touch of leopard to the recipe. They helped make the look less bland and a notch above lazy.

We decided to shoot this casual look in an environment to match, and what better place than my own spot?! I'm pretty sure that the Darth Vader throw blanket somewhat gave it away. But there's really nothing more casual than multitasking with some Netflix at home in your comfiest threads.

The funny part is though the phone shots might look slightly staged, they were actually complete candids caught while I was trying to switch up the tunes. It was also a little fun to add in little personal trinkets into the shots like my personalized Moleskine and this amazing book on "Dogs with Old Man Faces" that a good friend gifted me. A short but hilarious read I'd definitely recommend because pooches with old-man face are way too cute to resist.

As a lady hustler with a 24/7 rather than a "9-5," being able to utilize my personal space in the most productive way possible is always a struggle, and one that I hope I've had the edge on lately. With a mixed palette of tasks to juggle, I'm literally almost always working even when I'm technically "off" the clock.

With all of this in mind, this is most likely the position you'll find me in when you visit me at my spot: surrounded by my endless lists of things to get done, all while trying to maintain some entertainment in my life so as not to go crazy while keeping so busy!

I hope you guys have been enjoying my personal style stories, and my one true desire is that these posts have helped inspire you in some way as well. However, moving forward I definitely want to add just a little bit of spice to my posts rather than just simple outfit details, so be sure to keep checking back every week, and thanks again for staying tuned.

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Photographed by Miguel Antonio Nuestro (@photogfurbay)

On The Go Sweater Crop Top—Tobi
So Hood Tunic Top—Tobi
Light Wash Jeggings—Forever XXI
Leopard Accent Booties—? (Small/Random Shop)

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