Nappsie Hustle

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Lately I've had some intensely packed weeks filled with mostly work, but I honestly wouldn't have it any other way. Working in a field in which you have such intense passion is really the way to give back and feel fulfilled when it comes to your job. Whoever said that your daydream can't somehow become your day-job didn't look far enough into the future! Petals and Peacocks is a great example of how passion and dedication can be combined to create something notably unique. With their clever designs and comfortably distressed pieces, it easily became one of my go-to brands when I first discovered them and it's truly an honor that my friends at Petals chose me to style some of my favorite Spring 2015 pieces, like this Cat Naps tank!

I love this destroyed tank because it is just so soft and cheeky! As a music lover there's nothing better than this witty little number, and as the master of all cat naps it was way too fitting for me to turn down. My friend recently dubbed me "Nappsie Hustle" due to my habit of taking numerous quick cat naps in 15 minute intervals, a consequence that became a constant of mine after taking on two and a half working gigs plus a full-time blog... all while still trying to juggle at least somewhat of a social life as well.

What I love about Petals and Peacocks is how easily they can be incorporated into any sort of outfit. In this case I chose to dress the muscle tank down so as to play on the lazy, cat nap aspect of the top by pairing the tank with a pair of loose scalloped black shorts that I picked up during one of my many trips visiting my best friend at the Forever at the Beverly Center sometime last year. I tied it all together with my Jeffrey Campbell cut-out boots to dress it up just a tiny notch. I also added on my Breezy Excursion bucket hat for any sort of messy nap-induced hair.

Don't be afraid to follow in suit with Petals and dedicate yourself to what you're truly passionate about! Even though I personally uprooted my comfortable and favored life in Los Angeles within two days to move to SF, I definitely don't regret it since following my dream of professionally working in fashion was one of the best decisions I've ever made for myself. The struggle is a part of the process, so just let it come and if you need some time to recoup, face the music with some cat naps. You got this!

Thanks for checking back in and be sure to click back on next week. xx

Photographed by
Melissa de Mata (@melissademata)

Cat Naps Tank—Petals and Peacocks
BEST Bucket Hat—Breezy Excursion
Scalloped Black Shorts—Forever XXI
Cut-out Cap-toe Boots—Jeffrey Campbell

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  1. Muna, you make everything look so effortless and as much as I love cats, I am too anxious for cat naps. I either sleep the long stretch or don't sleep at all and have these micro snoozes happening with my eyes wide open. You have such a beautiful smile, by the way! =D Can't wait to see what you blog next! <3 xo

    BTW: Thank you for featuring my fangirly shout-out, haha! <3 You are super sweet!!

    Shanaz | Fashionista NOW

    1. Thank you so much Shanaz! =^.^= I really appreciate your continued support, and I love reading through your posts. You're much too kind and honestly made my weekend with this comment! And thank you so much for the feature to begin with, it was absolutely my pleasure to include on my site! <3

      Keep being amazing & hope you have a wonderful week! :D

      Muna Lamis