Melted Crayons

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Remember those ridiculously awesome graphic sweatshirts you'd always see and reblog on Tumblr?! Well not only am I here to tell you where you can finally cop yours, but I'll also show you two different ways to style it. Some people might automatically associate sweatshirts with being lazy casual-wear, but that doesn't have to be the case. Don't be afraid to have a little fun with the way you wear yours! There are so many of these crazy, unique designs to fall in love with on Shelfies that it was truly hard for me to pick my favorite, but I'm happy with the one I chose in the end and I've pretty much been cozying up in its heavy-duty comfort since.

I absolutely love all of the quirky designs that Shelfies has and I was ecstatic when I received this in the mail. Since the melted crayons pullover I chose has all the possible colors a girl could need, I already thought up endless ways to style it. But I decided to go with two casual looks to show you how I might take this sweatshirt from one look to another with just one quick switch.

I love how thick these sweatshirts are without feeling too heavy, perfect for someone like me who is prone to easily feeling the chill but is also super petite. Shelfies uses sublimation printing technology to get the graphics on their pieces to really have that realistic look, which maintains the quality of the image as well.

In my first look I decided to pair the sweatshirt with some patterned black joggers and a subtle necklace, and in both looks I paired the pullover with my cobalt blue Modern Maggie Heels to really make the colors pop. I thought the black backdrop would really make the sweatshirt stand out since the joggers would then blend in and bring the focus into the main element of the look. A pink lip helped pull it altogether to balance out the colors on the opposite side of the sweater.

I love the overall message that Shelfies and their attire brings to the table. With their loud prints and unique photorealistic clothing, they continue to encourage style-savvy folks everywhere to be bold and courageous with their fashion choices. This is a message that I myself like to steer towards and because of this a collaboration was more than necessary.

I loved how perfectly the heels matched the cobalt on the sweatshirt which effectively had a trickle-down drip effect from top to heel. I would most likely choose this look for a casual day out or maybe running some errands since it's very comfy and low-key, but still has bold elements like the statement-making sweatshirt and the shoes.

The second look plays a bit more on my girly side with a bold pop of coral coming into the mix. I love this dress even though it's so simple and I got it for such a steal, because of the feminine cut and thick scuba material. It was a fun piece to pair with the sweatshirt as well since it complemented the colors.

Over time I've really come to appreciate skirts and all things girly, but dresses on their own are far too feminine for me to rock all by their lonesome. I love roughing things up and putting a bit of tomboy edge to my looks, and this Shelfies sweatshirt really helped do that in this second look. The array of colors included in the pullover matched perfectly with both the coral dress and cobalt heels and it's also super versatile and just as cute wrapped around the waist of this dress while still adding that unique eye-catching element to the outfit.

A huge shout-out to my friends at Shelfies for this dope conversation-starter of a sweatshirt! If you haven't already checked out the rest of their designs, be sure you take a look. Not only do they have creative prints like this melted crayon pullover, but they also have tons of comedic and relevant designs as well. This includes a Tina Belcher design, Cereal Box Rappers which had me cracking up for days, and a number of hilariously adorable sloth and pizza related pieces, and that's just to name a few of my other favorites! There's sure to be something for everyone to fall in love with.

As always thank you for dropping by. Be sure to click back on to the blog next week, and remember—it's always fun to mix things up and add a splash of color to your life!

Photographed by Miguel Antonio Nuestro (@photogfurbay)

Melted Crayon Sweater—Shelfies
Patterned Joggers, look 1—Forever XXI
Coral Dress, look 2—H&M/Forever XXI
Modern Maggie Heels—Tobi

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