After School Special

Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Since Super Bowl Sunday just passed, I thought it would only be fitting to share this cheerleader-inspired look featuring this vintage San Francisco 49ers sweater c/o my friends at New Jack City SF. This was a really fun one for me to both put together and shoot because I actually went to a private all-girls high school where our "cheerleaders" were more of a dance group than the typical definition of a cheerleader, and since we lacked in boys there were no football games or accompanied school cheers to belt out. I definitely let my past/inner schoolgirl out to play for this look!

Even though the sweater was so clearly not in my size, I couldn't pass up on it. I loved the obvious vintage look and cute, comfortable style and the first thing I connected it to in my mind was a retro cheerleader vibe. From there, putting the look together was pretty easy since I already had an overall vision in mind and Miguel really helped me run with it when it came down to capturing it.

The first thing I think of when the word 'cheerleader' comes to mind is of course the typical skirt and top ensemble. To play up on the vintage feel I decided to pair the sweater with this simple black circle skirt which helped bring out that old school vibe. And of course, where would any cheerleader be without the knee-highs? Instead of going the traditional route, I chose my over-the-knee tights and finished it off with my Chucks. Though I personally don't normally prefer to rock the hipster half/samurai bun, I thought it'd be fun for this look and made me feel a bit younger as well which is also the vibe I wanted to somewhat associate with the outfit.

We definitely got a few more stares and laughs than usual during this shoot, I'm sure it was clear that we were having a lot of fun with it. Just like the title suggests, we were really just loitering the lots and messing around like any high-schooler might after school was out. I even attempted to climb a wall at one point, because heck, what else was there to do after school back in the days but the most random of things?!

A huge shout-out to NJCSF for always supplying me with the dopest threads. If you haven't already, be sure to check out New Jack City SF to spice up your wardrobe! And definitely catch up on my first and second installments on them.

Remember that no matter how serious things may get, it's always important to let go and play a little! Thanks for checking in & be sure to read up on my dark Valentine inspired look next week. xx

Photographed by Miguel Antonio Nuestro (@photogfurbay)

Vintage 49ers Sweater—New Jack City SF
Circle Skirt—H&M
Over-the-Knee Tights—Forever XXI
High-top Chuck Taylors—Converse

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