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Wednesday, January 07, 2015

My first post of 2015! When I first made the decision to relaunch this blog full force, my initial idea was of course to relaunch with the new year. But then as things progressed and started falling into place, I realized—why wait? And this mentality is the same mentality that also kept me going through 2014, a year of constant struggle, adventure and personal growth. The most persistent slogan of 2014 had to be "trust your struggle," as I made my way professionally and socially through Los Angeles and lived completely and 100% on my own means (even living solo in my own little bachelorette pad for a bit). The year then winded down with eventually finding my way back to living in Northern California by means of a solo road trip on just a few days notice thanks to an unforeseen opportunity. Though I continue to evolve and grow daily, this past year of continuous change and big leaps was one that I'll always look back on endearingly. But now it's time to take all that I can from the past year and move forward in this new chapter, and I gotta admit I'm definitely excited. Things are looking bright!

For my first look of 2015 I thought I'd share a more casual everyday outfit that was shot in my new city of residence, San Francisco. Though I grew up in NorCal, I can honestly say that SoCal weather agreed with me and my personal style much more. But I wasn't about to let some consistently cold weather hold me back when it came to dressing up and so I've slowly been adjusting, as has my wardrobe and style.

This patterned skirt was part of a gorgeous two-piece set that I randomly stumbled upon in an H&M. It's definitely my top pick when it comes to my slightly limited skirt collection because of the comfortable yet appealing fit, unique pattern and thick material. Back in LA I would most likely casually pair it with a muscle tank or light crop top of sorts which is something I wouldn't dare attempt in SF unless it was maybe a night out. So with the SF weather in mind combined with the desire to maintain my style, I decided to pair the skirt with one of my favorite crop Petals+Peacocks hoodies.

I've always loved Petals+Peacocks because their clothing line is so relatable to my personal style. They have a lot of loud, unique and witty graphics that make a statement and that's what fashion has always really been for me too—my creative outlet to make a statement without having to say a word. Petals+Peacocks has had various lines over the seasons that have proved to do exactly that as well, and they truly help to make any look stand out! This cropped hoodie is one of my favorites because not only is it cute and comfy, but it's also versatile and timeless. Who doesn't wanna be like Mike?

To finish off the look I paired the outfit with my red Creative Recs to complement the red on the Bulls-inspired sweatshirt. Though many would rather pair such a look with heels or even flats of some sort, I prefer sneakers to keep it casual and everyday as well as give it a little more personalization. An obvious choice would've been a pair of Js, but I liked how these Recs pulled the outfit together with a bright red pop. The hi-tops help offset the mini skirt and balances the overall girly-tomboy feel without going too overboard while the skirt helps to maintain some shape and a more delicate femininity.

As always, thanks for checking back in & be sure to drop by again next week!

Shot by: Uriel Espinoza (@oreeeo)

Babe 23 Crop Hoodie—Petals+Peacocks
Skirt—H&M   /&/  Shoes—Creative Recreation

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