Riding High

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

"The Universe sends us exactly what we are ready for at the exact time we need it in our lives."

Lately I've been thrown some surprising curveballs that leave me wondering if I somehow woke up in the twilight zone. Not in a negative way (the opposite if anything), just some unexpected little plot twists. It's definitely been making things interesting and with all this in mind I can honestly say that slowly but surely, San Francisco is finally starting to feel like my home. Maybe it's not on the same level as my love for LA at this time, but it's definitely been a ride that I've really been enjoying so far.

One thing I love about San Francisco is the diversity and low-key, chill vibe it reeks of. The different neighborhoods all speak a different story, and when it comes to fashion all kinds of styles can be found on their streets. The Mission is one of my favorite SF neighborhoods to hang out in, especially because it has one of my favorite spots to style/people watch: Dolores Park. And of course another plus is that nearby said park is a little gem of a shop you might be lucky enough to spot— New Jack City SF. If you haven't had a chance to catch up on my first installment on them, be sure to check it out!

I'm sure I've noted this before but I always seem to be drawn to oversized things, especially as of late in this cold weather. I'm definitely a 70-degrees or above type of chick and not gonna lie, it's still been a bit tough for me to really get used to the SF weather. I was immediately drawn to this bomber jacket c/o my friends at New Jack City SF with its loud leopard print and warm, comfy appeal. It's also a great example of the variety of rare, retro pieces that can be found at NJCSF, which includes not only clothing but a lot of awesome vintage five panels, snapbacks and other unique items.

A trick I learned when it comes to styling oversized things is that most times it's best to just keep it simple and stick to one color underneath anything oversized. Better yet would be to choose something more fitted to maintain shape and avoid feeling like you're swimming in fabric. But this doesn't mean it has to be something super simple in regards to texture or design, which is why I decided to play on the black leopard spots and get a little [f]risky with my black layers.

I chose to couple up my mesh top and caged bralette from Tobi with my American Apparel disco shorts and topped off my black layers with my Alie Layus x Petals and Peacocks exclusive snapback. My patent deep cherry red Doc Martens tied the look together and also gave me some height and added comfort while I was stomping up and downhill in the cold for this particular shoot. The bus stop helps give it a more street style vibe to really bring out all the elements of the look and can also be tied to my current mindset of going with the flow of the constant ride called life, thanks to all the interesting recent curveballs. The cute little old biddy in the background did not come with the outfit, however. But she was nice enough to let us take photos while she waited and was pretty entertaining!

Sometimes it's fun to just get off on the next random stop and see where the adventure takes you. When it comes to both life and fashion, where would we truly be if we never took any risks?

Peep New Jack City SF and all their dope gear. And as always, thanks for checking in and be sure to drop by again next week!

Photographed by Miguel Antonio Nuestro (@photogfurbay)

Leopard Bomber Jacket—New Jack City SF
Riding High Snapback—Petals and Peacocks
Hot and Cold Mesh Top—Tobi
One Teaspoon/K.O. Caged Bralette—Tobi
Disco Shorts—American Apparel
Boots—Doc Martens

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