Ode to Los Angeles

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Surprise! I decided to do two posts this week since I was just really excited to share and these looks tied in perfectly to my personal life as of late too. Though I'm currently residing in SF and was mostly brought up in the Bay Area, it's no secret that my post-grad life in Los Angeles really held a sweet spot for me. LA was where I could really be independent and grow into my own without anyone holding my hand, which is something that I truly needed. To me, LA is still home because that's where my heart remains. It's also still home to some of the people who are nearest and dearest to me. Because of this I usually try to visit monthly since I've had to relocate, but of course sometimes life gets in the way. Last week I was lucky enough to spend the majority of the week there and spent quality time with a few of my favorite gems in my favorite city, and I just had to put together this post as an ode to Los Angeles: my forever love affair.

When I found this playground nearby my place, I fell in love with it and knew it was the perfect place to properly display this piece regardless of how I decided to style it, thanks to the beautiful blue hues. What really did it for me was that there is also a similar playground nearby my best friend's place in LA.

If you follow me on Instagram or have seen my recent blog posts then you already know how much I love Petals+Peacocks. They always come up with the most unique designs firsthand and though many may try to recreate their vibe, the creativity that truly goes into these pieces can never be duplicated. Some may prefer the Pizza alternative, but my personal favorite from their Winter 2014 collection has to be this Tacos pullover because of the color, comfort and its dedication to LA. Though yes, I'll agree with the majority that say San Diego has the best Mexican food (I did live there for some time as well), one thing you know if you've spent sufficient time in LA is that it has crazy cheap, crazy good street tacos... on almost every corner possible in some parts.

This particular pullover reminded me of all the many late night adventures tied to said street tacos and I just had to have it. I also loved the newspaper print mixed in with the clean font; sometimes the simplest designs are really the best. To play on the newspaper vibe, I decided to pair the pullover with my striped asymmetrical Choies dress. I finished the look off with my cobalt blue Modern Maggie heels to bring out the blue of the sweatshirt, and of course my favorite bowler hat.

The love and dedication that goes into each Petals+Peacocks piece is apparent from the minute you put it on. Even their muscle tees are distressed to perfection and the power couple behind the brand puts their signature Petals feel into every item they make. From the moment I wear any of my Petals pieces, I never want to get out of them! I can honestly say I've been pretty much living in this sweatshirt since I've gotten it and I'm not even ashamed. It's perfect for the cold SF weather and still cute and versatile at the same time so you don't feel like a bum while opting for comfort. And for me, it's like having a piece of home and all the crazy characters I met along the way all the more closer.

Thanks for checking back in with me and be sure to click back on to the blog next week. This outfit and post are my love letter to Los Angeles and the gems it holds— don't forget me, I'll be back soon! xx

Photographed by Miguel Antonio Nuestro (@photogfurbay)

Tacos LA Sweatshirt—Petals+Peacocks
Striped Black L/S Asymmetrical Bodycon—Choies
Modern Maggie Heels, Flash Tats—Tobi
Mini Bowler Hat—Urban Outfitters

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