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Thursday, December 04, 2014

And I'm here for good, consider this to be my official relaunch! :)

Since things have slowly been becoming a bit more steady for me, I thought I would try to tackle taking on my blog full time. Well, not completely full time because I still have a real life job to worry about haha... but I gotta say, working at Tobi and seeing all of our awesome bloggers through the Community Outreach program we currently have going, it's definitely inspired me to take two huge steps forward and start trying to really work hard on this thing. So as of late I've been networking, trying to be resourceful, and also working on updating the site's layout soon, so be sure to keep an eye out!

I was pretty nervous going into this shoot because it was my first "real" blog shoot. Before I'd only had fun with my friends who have some sweet hobbies, or who were just doing me a quick favor. This time around I worked with someone who's been doing this stuff for a living, and it was definitely a new experience for me. I felt semi awkward in regards to posing throughout, but Uriel directed me pretty well and his easy-going personality made me feel a lot more comfortable than I normally would with someone who I'd barely just met.

Captured by: Uriel Espinoza

So let's talk about jumpsuits, shall we?! They're awesome and easy go-to picks when you're having trouble picking out an ensemble. However, for us shorter folks, they're a bit harder to work with (especially in comparison to rompers) because of the length. My answer to that issue, and trick for almost every length problem, is cuffing or rolling up the bottom! Generally I also really like cuffing my sleeves if I feel they're too long for the look I'm going for, and almost always cuff my pants once or twice. I just like the overall look, but in terms of this super-long jumpsuit it helped quite a bit.

Another thing I also like about jumpsuits is that they can be the cute/chic yet still comfy alternative to sweats (I'm a firm non-believer in sweats). Since this look was all black with just a bit of mesh detailing, I decided to pair it with my safe travels clutch and finished it off with some heels to help with the length. Since I am still - not gonna lie - unpacking a few things from Los Angeles still, I couldn't find the pair I preferred, but I decided to go with my JC Litas for this look, and topped it all off with this understated necklace because I thought the bold low-cut of the jumpsuit spoke loudly enough for this look.

Thanks for checking in, and definitely be sure to check back next week!

Captured by: Uriel Espinoza (@oreeeo)

Jumpsuit & Clutch—Tobi
Heels—Jeffrey Campbell

xo muna lamis

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