Lace and Leather

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

With 2015 just around the corner and an exciting new city at my fingertips, I thought it would be fun to put together a new years eve look. I used to be all about new years since there aren't many traditional holidays that my family celebrated growing up (i.e. Thanksgiving, Christmas) but as of the last few years I just slowly outgrew it. At this point if I decide to do anything, it would most likely be something low-key where this understated yet classic pairing of lace and leather would be appropriate.

As I mentioned in a previous post, jumpsuits and joggers are my preferred version of comfort when it comes to maintaining my personal style, and when I spotted these Urban Outfitters Sparkle and Fade leather joggers at my local Crossroads Trading Co. I just had to have them. I'd been looking for a pair for quite some time but couldn't commit to any until I thrifted these babies up. I also came up on these white patent leather American Apparel oxford loafers there as well, which seemed like fate to me since I'd recently worn my favorite black leather AA pair to death.

This dreamy white lace top from Tobi juxtaposed the rough leather but I felt it still needed a little something which is where this beautifully embroidered crop from Topshop came into play. I finished the look off with a white knit cardigan from Forever 21 and simple regal knotted necklace from Nordstrom. Since this medley of textiles sang a nice tune on its own, it didn't really need any loud accessories to beat.

For a little less chic and a bit more street, the leather joggers could even be paired with just the Topshop crop bandeau that's peeking through. But I love how delicate this lace Tobi crop looks layered on top, perfectly sheer enough to show some detail all while softening up the edge.

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Have a safe and happy holidays. Thanks for checking back in & be sure to drop by next week!

Photographed by: Miguel Antonio Nuestro (@photogfurbay)

Lace Crop Top—Tobi
Embroidered Bandeau Crop—Topshop
Leather Joggers—Urban Outfitters, thrifted @ Crossroads
Patent Leather Oxford Loafers—American Apparel, thrifted
White Knit Cardigan—Forever XXI
Lion/Rope Necklace—Nordstrom

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