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Thursday, December 11, 2014

One of my favorite things to do is to take something soft and feminine and make it a bit edgier. A fun and easy way to do this in fashion is through properly accessorizing for your desired look, which is what I did here with this lovely pleated number from Tobi.

Captured by: Uriel Espinoza

I really like the soft blush color of this sheer pleated dress, and I absolutely adore all the simple line detailing that provides structure and movement. It almost has an ethereal feeling to it. With the dress being such a dainty and delicate piece, I wanted to drab it down a bit for my look to find the perfect balance between rough and romantic, which is why I decided to pair it with my (unintentionally) ripped faux garter thigh-high tights.

Though I definitely enjoy dressing up and doing my makeup, growing up I normally preferred following around my adventurous daredevil of a brother and his friends, skating alongside him goofy style and doing my best to keep up as his pesky little sister. This tomboy side of me is undoubtedly relevant to my personal style to this day, and that's where the oversized bowler hat for this look comes into play. To be honest I have somewhat of a mini addiction to these badass babies and I consider my growing collection to be a personal wardrobe staple. I love how bowler hats can change the tone of any outfit and switch things up with such ease. They're also great at hiding bad hair days! ;)

To finish off the look, I slipped on my Bella Mae Booties and clasped together this simple gold necklace. My Bella Mae Booties are probably one of my all-time favorite Tobi items because they are so versatile, comfortable and cute! A must-have for any Tobi girl.

This outfit was probably one of the funnest to shoot with Uriel, not because of the look itself but moreso because of the process behind it. The outtakes themselves can tell you a whole story of their own, they were also a bit hilarious to me personally since I learned quite a few new things about popular fashion blogger poses while doing this shoot.

As always, thanks for checking in, and be sure to come back next week!

Captured by: Uriel Espinoza (@oreeeo)

Dance to The Pleat Dress and Heels—Tobi
Garter Tights—Urban Outfitters
Oversized Bowler Hat—Forever XXI

xo muna lamis

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