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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

I did a slightly understated look for New Years Eve last week with the lace and leather medley, but what with it being the last day of 2014 and the majority of party girls out there going crazy over those all-out sequin dresses, I thought it'd be fun to share my own low-key twist on some glitz. ;)

This dress stood out to me immediately with its neon pop of color and seductively subtle sequins, so of course I just had to have it when I saw it on Tobi. Both a pro and con of working with a fashion company that has daily new arrivals... 

Since the cold weather is putting up a mean fight to stick around, I decided to pair the dress with some tights, my Bella Mae Booties and this pleasantly warm trench with cute loose lapels. And of course I had to add my favorite staple, the go-to bowler hat. As I always like to point out, it's useful when it comes to pulling off messy hair! Plus it gives things a bit of a funky Lauper vibe.

I picked this particular necklace because I liked how the jagged triangular look of the piece fit well with the pattern of the dress, like pieces of a puzzle. Since I'm a bit of a grandma at this point like I noted in my previous post, low-key comfy glam looks like this one are a lot more favorable to me right now. 

I don't really have any "new years resolutions" mainly because I came to the realization a few years back that the type of resolutions that are made at this time of year are resolutions that I'd like to maintain and upgrade throughout the year, every year. And the most general of them would just be to continuously better myself and learn as well as positively move forward from every experience I'm immersed in. I do my best to stay grateful everyday and take advantage of the blessings around me, in my own way, and I hope to continue doing this throughout 2015 and more. And of course one of the things included in "more" would be this blog, so be sure to stick around! 

Have a safe and happy evening, and see you next year! 

If there's anything that you want, just ask for it, old sport.

Photographed by: Miguel Antonio Nuestro (@photogfurbay)

Ain't She Bright Dress—Tobi
Love & Love Rain Or Shine Trench Coat—Tobi
Kneehigh Schoolgirl Tights, Booties—Tobi
Oversized Bowler Hat—Forever XXI
Necklace—Forever XXI

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