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Sunday, July 27, 2014

Casual days strolling down Melrose and its variety of shops, getting an iced latte at Alfred's, and finishing off with some hookah... a perfect lazy hipster Saturday (ha). BUT, this specific Saturday was in May, and I've only just been able to get around to posting the pictures now (sorry, sorry!).

I was recovering from being sick and bed-ridden during this shoot (and I haven't touched them up or edited them at all), yet Jocelyn still managed to make me look semi-decent in these photos which just speaks on her amazing talent... although, disclaimer– my hair is not even that long anymore (I went shoulder length!! FKEJWAFKLEJLKEW!!). And this particular featured outfit, I've gotta admit, is about 90% Tobi (and proud!! if you haven't checked out shoptobi.com yet, go right nowww).

moody cancer
they say eyes are the window to the soul...

Disco Leggings—Tobi
Shirt (Wrapped around waist)—Urban Outfitters
Body Chain—Forever XXI

xo muna lamis

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