Saturday, May 10, 2014

One thing I love about fashion is that though most people may be following the same or similar trends, a handful of individuals are still able to put their own original twist to it, with their own personal style. A great example of one of those individuals is one of my best friends for 10+ years, Leanna G. aka "@leeezos" (on IG). She's definitely taken to SoCal/Los Angeles as best as a NorCal Sports-Rootin' girl could, and she looks good while doing it.

Last week, we decided to have a mini photo shoot for the blog as it's definitely been overdue. We went for a walk on Hollywood Blvd. after I was finished with work, since I work there right now as well. It was nice because I remembered her wearing this outfit when I first came down to L.A. to scope out apartments and had already decided to move there, and we went night-crawling on the boulevard. I've also been wanting to capture Le's style for a post for quite some time, but timing just never worked out. Keep in mind that we used my iPhone for these next couple posts, so quality is not as great as when we have Joce on our side :-) but we did try our best, and the main thing was to capture our personal style. So, without further ado...

I think Le's style is a great expression of the carefree SoCal lifestyle—light and fun. She's definitely known to mix it up with some of the cutest pairs of crop tops and short shorts, and she never forgets to accessorize. For a sweltering day out on the Boulevard, Leanna chose to sport her signature look with a sleek high ponytail and suede royal blue wedge pumps.

Leanna finishes off the look with her purse from a fulfilling family trip to Europe, with her initials "L.R.G." stamped on the top in classic, chic lettering. Her look altogether has a very feisty, sassy feel to it and it definitely helps show off her inner confidence. Cheesy as it sounds, that's the best phrasing I could think of to really explain her presence while I was taking her outfit shots! :-)

Crop Top—Urban Outfitters
Shorts—Urban Outfitters
Necklace/Chain—Forever XXI
Ring—Forever XXI
Purse—Peruzzi - Made in Florence, Italy

xo muna lamis

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