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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

A key aspect of fashion is knowing how to style and re-appropriate your clothes and outfits for different events or settings. So today, Jocelyn's post is dedicated to the art of STYLING! Mad props to this chick; she def pulls the look off both ways. *The outfit details will be listed last.

"I like anything with color and patterns. Mix and match works for me! And adding accessories always brings more to any outfit.

I would wear this outfit while running errands, or even to school on a sunny day." 

Personally I love that Jocelyn's cute black cut-out boots and her yellow and black top somewhat match, all the while adding some glam to the outfit with a necklace underneath the collar. Collar-necklaces are one of my favorite current trends right now, especially to make an outfit more business-cas or just generally a touch more glamorous!

"I like to be able to use my outfits differently in case I have to be somewhere and want to jazz up my outfit, but don't have quite enough time. Here for example, I've changed the styling of my necklace and am now using my shirt as an open jacket/layer on top. I've also added a beanie to switch things up a bit." 

Shorts — Forever XXI
Button-up Top — Cotton On
Necklace — Cookie Lee
Black Crop Top — Topshop UK
Beanie — Etsy
Boots — H&M

xo muna lamis

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