May The Force Be With You

Friday, February 28, 2014

Happy Friday everyone, and MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU! Here is the last batch from our LA River Bridge photoshoot, my favorites probably just because I love wearing this outfit.. I think it expresses a lot about me in a way. If you know me, then you know that I am absolutely OBSESSED with Star Wars. Not just that, but the color pink too! I also love gold detailing, and sparkles/being girly—but not overboard.

 I got the Star Wars trip on a Universal Studios trip with my dad when he came to visit me in L.A., and it's a great memory for me to have and to connect to the shirt because A) I love Star Wars, obvi, and B) my dad is my best friend, plus this trip I was able to pay for his ticket and all his things which made me feel awesome! Love being able to give a little back to my dad and show my love for him as well as prove my financial independence. The shirt is actually supposed to glow in the dark, but it doesn't... my dad and I went into my bathroom (I live in a roomy studio apt so it's the only closed-off space) to check it out as soon as we got home, but turns out the sticker was a hoax! Our reactions together were pretty hilarious, so I still cherish the memory attached to said hoax and love the shirt anyway. OH! And I've rolled up/cuffed the sleeves on it a bit because I tend to do that with all my pants and tops regardless, whenever possible. I'm a cuffer.. haha.

As for the skirt, I purchased it at the Lovers+Friends sample sale I mentioned in my last post! It was an awesome steal for under $30. I love the coloring and texture of this skirt, the glitter is nice but not too much and in the light it sometimes reflects different colors. A little sparkle never hurts! I thought the sparkly blue was a nice touch to pair with the "stars" in the Star Wars shirt. As for the pink belt, I just wanted a pop of hot pink and felt like it would make the outfit less monotone. The skirt's also a tad too big on me and has no elastic, so a belt was definitely needed.

The boots in this outfit are literally my favorite boots, and they took me and my good friend Saba a good, long while to track down. What with just starting my first real full-time job not too long ago, I wasn't about to pay $2,000+ for the actual Chloe boots! So we went from store to store whenever we had a chance over a course of a few hangouts, and we also looked them up online anywhere and everywhere. Finally I ended up purchasing them from Shiekh Shoes, and I absolutely adore them! They add some detail and flavor to any outfit. And it doesn't hurt that ankle boots are my favorite. ;)

It's rainy in LA today and throughout the weekend, but Joce and I are ready to power through it and have another photo shoot for the blog, so keep checking back!

Shirt — Star Wars/ Universal Studios
Skirt — Lovers+Friends LA
Belt — Urban Outfitters a looong time ago
Shoes — Shiekh
Wristlet — Marc By Marc Jacobs

xo muna lamis

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