Lost Without You...

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

So when I first moved to L.A., I hit up some awesome sample sales including Lovers+Friends', which was awesome. I ended up scoring a couple items, one of which is featured in this post! My "lost without you" jacket. The key to finding great sample sales for me is via Instagram, and social platforms in general but mainly IG. Always make sure to follow your favorite brands because they will definitely reward you for it.

I've paired the jacket here with a white, strapless bandeau and my "Watch the Throne" MC Hammer-esque velvet pants by Lily White. I then topped it off with my staple JC Litas and burdgundy "fuckwidus"  crooks snapback!

I would typically wear this out, hanging with friends at night on the weekends. I like mixing textures in order to help matched colors look a bit less matchy-matchy, so I've illustrated that here with the texture difference between the pants and jacket. I chose a white bandeau specifically to match the text on the jacket as well as on the snapback. 

Jacket — lovers+friends la
Velvet WTT Pants — Lily White, Karmaloop
Snapback — Crooks & Castles
Platform Heels — Jeffrey Campbell, Lita

xo muna lamis

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